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2019 : Californciation Edition limitée «Picture vinyl»

Edition limitée «Picture vinyl» 20ème anniversaire de l’album «Californication»!

Le 7ème album studio des Red Hot Chili Peppers produit par Rick Rubin s’est écoulé à plus de 15 millions d’exemplaires dans le monde.Inclus les tubes: “Otherside”, “Californication” & “Scar Tissue”.

2019 : Pluralone (Josh Klinghoffer) To Be One with You

01. Barreling
02. Rat Bastards at Every Turn
03. Save
04. Was Never There
05. Fall from Grace
06. Shade
07. Mourning
08. Crawl
09. The Ride
10. Segue

2019 : Curtains (réédition 2019)

Includes insert sheet with lyrics and credits and digital download card.

Dark Red Vinyl.

Limited to 1000 copies.

2016 : The Getaway (Double Vinyle)

2LP "The getaway" de Red Hot Chili Peppers




2015 : Woodstock 1994 Radio Broadcast New York

label: Chrome dreams


1. grand puppy da plenty

2. give it away

3. suck my kiss

4. warped

5. stone club bush

6. if you have to ask

7. organic anti-beat box band

8. aeroplane

9. blood sugar sex magic

10. pea

11. my lovely man

12. higher ground

13. under the bridge

14. me and my friends

15. power of equality

2013 : I M Besides You Vinyl [Import]

Side A
1. Strange Man
2. Long Progression
3. Magpies on Fire
4. Victorian Machinery

Side B
5. Never Is A Long Time
6. Love of Your Life
7. The Sunset Sleeps
8. Hometown Gypsy
9. Pink as Floyd

Side C
10. Your Eyes Girl
11. In Love Dying
12. Catch My Death
13. How It Ends

Side D

14. Brave From Afar
15. This Is The Kitt
16. Hanalei
17. Open/Close

2011 : I'm With You (Vinyl album)

Date de sortie d'origine: 29/08/2011
Nombre de disques: 1
Label: Warner bros


2006 : "Stadium Arcadium" en quadruple LP noir.

LP "Stadium arcadium" de Red Hot Chili Peppers

"Stadium Arcadium" en quadruple LP noir.


Édition Réédition
Format média 4-LP
2002 : By The Way (Double Vinyle)

LP "By The Way" de Red Hot Chili Peppers

"By The Way" en Double LP noir.


Label Warner Music
Format média 2-LP


1999 : Californication (Double Vinyle)
Disque 1 - face A
1.Around The World (Album Version)
2.Parallel Universe (Album Version)
3.Scar Tissue (Album Version)
4.Otherside (Album Version)
Disque 1 - face B
1.Get On Top (Album Version)
2.Californication (Album Version)
3.Easily (Album Version)


Disque 2 - Face A

1.Porcelain (Album Version)
2.Emit Remmus (Album Version)
3.I Like Dirt (Album Version)
4.This Velvet Glove (Album Version)


Disque 2 - Face B

1.Savior (Album Version)

2.Purple Stain (Album Version)

3.Right On Time (Album Version)

4.Road Trippin' (Album Version)

1995 : One Hot Minute

- Date de sortie : 12/09/1995

- Record Label : WEA/Warner Brothers

- Producteur : Rick Rubin

1991 : Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Double Vinyle)

LP "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" de Red Hot Chili Peppers

"Blood Sugar Sex Magik" en Double LP noir.


Label Warner Music
Format média 2-LP