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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Année Titre De Infos
2011 Good to Your Earhole Funkadelic
2016 Dirty Old Town [josh] Ewan MacColl
2012 Quotes Dot Hacker
2014 Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate Jackson Browne
2014 (Don't Fear) The Reaper Blue Oyster Cult
1998 1970 Iggy Pop
2017 A Face in the Crowd [Josh] Tom Petty
2010 A Man needs a Maid Neil Young
2016 Across The Universe [Josh] The Beatles
2017 Add It Up Violent Femmes cover
1991 After Hours The Velvet Underground
2016 All Night Thing [Josh] Temple Of The Dog
2002;2003 All The Young Dudes David Bowie
2014 Amazing Grace John Newton
1986;1991;1990;1989;1988;1987 Anarchy In The U.K. Sex Pistols
2014 Angel Jimi Hendrix
2017 Angeles [Josh] Elliott Smith
2017 Answering Machine The Replacements
2016 Anthem [Josh] Leonard Cohen
2017 Anymore [Josh] Thelonious Monster
2003 Arnold Layne James pink Floyd
2016 Atomic Dog George Clinton
1999 Autobahn Kraftwerk
1986 B.O.F Rocky Bill Conti
1986;1999;1990;1989;1988;1987 Back In Black AC/DC
2012 Ballade de melody nelson Serge Gainsbourg
2006 Being Boiled Human League
2001;2000 Beverly Hills Circle Jerks
2004 Billie's Bounce Charlie Parker
2004 Black Cross 45 Grave
2016 Blackbird The Beatles
1988; Blitzkrieg Bop The Ramones
2003;2002 Blue Monday New Order
2006 Blue Sunday The Doors
2000 Boys Don't Cry The Cure
1990 Boyz-N-The-Hood Eazy-E
2012 Boyz-N-The-Hood Eazy-E
1989 Boyz-N-The-Hood Eazy-E
1999 Boyz-N-The-Hood Eazy-E
2004;2005 Brandy Looking Glas
2017 Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) Looking Glass
1999 Bring It On Home Led Zepellin
1999 Bring It On Home Led Zeppelin
1988;1993;1992;1991 Bullet Proof Parliament
2016 Bulletproof George Clinton
2017 Burn On [Josh] Randy Newman
1996 Ca Plane Pour Moi Plastic Bertrand
2011 Castles Made Of Sand Jimi Hendrix
2016 Chelsea Hotel #2 [Josh] Leonard Cohen
2014 Chocolate City Parliament
2011 Cholly (Funk Getting Ready To Roll) Funkadelic
1985 Cholly (Funk Getting Ready To Roll) Funkadelic
2000;1999;1998;1992;1991;1990;1989;1988;1987;1986 Cholly (Funk Getting Ready To Roll) Funkadelic
2001 Christine Siouxsie And The Banshees
2006 City of New Orleans Steve Goodman
2014 Classic Girl Jane's Addiction
2016 Close My Eyes [Josh] Arthur Russell
2002 Clouds Hole
1995;1996 Come As You Are Nirvana
2014 Communication Breakdown Led Zeppelin
1999 Communication Breakdown Led Zeppelin
1994 Cornocopia Black Sabbath
2016 Cosmic Dancer [Josh] T. Rex
1985 Cosmic Slop Funkadelic
2001;2000;1999;1998;1992;1991;1990;1989;1988;1987;1986 Cosmic Slop Funkadelic
2016 Cracked Actor David Bowie
2014 Crazy On You Heart
1988;1993;1992;1991;1989 Crosstown Traffic Jimi Hendrix
2016 Cry Baby Cry [Josh] The Beatles
2011 Custard Pie Led Zeppelin
2019 Cyanide Breath Mint Beck
2011 d-7 Wipers
2016 D'yer Mak'er Led Zeppelin
2022 Danny's Song Loggins and Messina
2023 Danny's Song [John] Loggins and Messina
2024 Danny's Song [John] Loggins and Messina
2019 Dazed And Confused Led Zeppelin
1991 Dazed And Confused Led Zeppelin
2017 Debaser [Josh] Pixies
2002 Dig A Pony The Beatles
2013 Don't Dream It's Over Crowded House
1989;1990 Dr. Funkenstein Parliament
2023 Dreamboy/Dreamgirl Cynthia & Johnny O
2006 Duke Of Earl Gene Chandler
1996 Electric Funeral Black Sabbath
2002 Epic Problem Fugazi
2011 Everybody Dance Chic
2011 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Neil Young
2012 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Neil Young
2011 F.U [Bemsha Swing] Thelonious Monk
1989;1990 F.U [Bemsha Swing] Thelonious Monk
2011 Fascist Groove Thang Heaven 17
2017 Feed The Birds [Josh] Julie Andrews
2016 Field Commander Cohen [Josh] Leonard Cohen
1983 Fire Jimi Hendrix
2012 Fire Jimi Hendrix
2011 Fire Jimi Hendrix
1984 Fire Jimi Hendrix
1985 Fire Jimi Hendrix
2017 Fire Jimi Hendrix
2015 Fire Jimi Hendrix
1986;1987;1988;1999;2000;2001;2002;2003 Fire Jimi Hendrix
2016 Five Years [Josh & Chad] David Bowie
2017 Foi na Cruz Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
1989 Fools Fall In Love Leiber & Stoller
1991;1992 Fopp Ohio Players
2006 For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her Simon & Garfunkel
2001;2000 Forming The Germs
2002;2003 Fox On The Run Sweet
2005 Freddy's dead Fishbone
2017 Galveston [Josh] Glen Campbell
2016 Get It On [Josh] T. Rex
2014 Get Off Your Ass and Jam Funkadelic
1986;2003;2001;2000;1999;1991;1990;1989;1988 Get Up Offa That Thing James Brown
1986;1988 Get Up, Stand Up Bob Marley
1988 Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie Black Flag
1992 Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie Black Flag
2006 Golden Hair Syd Barrett
1993 Good To Your Earhole Funkadelic
2003 Great Expectations Kiss
1999;2000; Guns Of Brixton The Clash
1988 Handclapping Song The Meters
2017 Hands on the Wheel [Josh] Willie Nelson
2004 Hard Headed Woman Cat Stevens
2019 Hardcore Jollies Funkadelic
2022 Hardcore Jollies Funkadelic
1999 Hardcore Jollies Funkadelic
2007 Havanna Affair The Ramones
2001;2003;2002 Havanna Affair The Ramones
1993 Heard It On The X ZZ Top
2016 Heart Of Gold Neil Young
1988 Heartbreaker Led Zeppelin
2017 Heaven [Josh] Talking Heads
1990 Heaven On Their Minds Andrew Lloyd Webber
2001 Hello, Hello, I'm Back Again Gary Glitter
2016 Heroes [Josh] David Bowie
1996 Heroin The Velvet Underground
2016 Hey Bulldog The Beatle
2013 Hey Good Lookin' Hank Willians
2022 Hey Joe Jimi hendrix
1995;2006 Hey Joe Jimi Hendrix
2017 Higgs Boson Blues [Josh] Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
2013 Higher Ground Stevie Wonder
2011 Higher Ground Stevie Wonder
2007 Higher Ground Stevie Wonder
2018 Higher Ground Steevie Wonder
2014 Higher Ground Stevie Wonder
1991;2001;1996;1995;1994;1993;1992 Higher Ground Stevie Wonder
2017 Higher Ground Stevie Wonder
1985 Hollywood The Meters
1994;1990;1989;1988;1987;1986 Hollywood The Meters
2011 House of the Rising Sun The Animals
2007 How Can I Tell You Cat Stevens
2006 How Can I Tell You Cat Stevens
2006 How Deep Is Your Love Bee Gees
1990 How Many More Times Led Zeppelin
1999 How Many More Times Jam Led Zeppelin
2016 Hybrid Moments Misfits
2019 I Don't Wanna Grow Up Ramones
2017 I Don't Want To Play In Your Yard Peggy Lee
2003;2007;2006 I Feel Love Donna Summer
2004 I Feel Love Donna Summer
2005 I Feel Love Donna Summer
2022 I Feel Love Donna Summer
2005 I Get Around The Beach Boys
2019 I Got You Split Enz
2004 I Just Wanna Have Something To Do The Ramones
2001 I Just Want Some Skank Circle Jerks
2000;2001 I Just Want Some Skank Circle Jerks
2017 I know it's gonna happen someday Morrissey
2003 I Love Livin' In The City Fear
2022 I Remember You Ramones
2019 I touch myself Divinyls
2004 I Wanna Be Sedated The Ramones
2018 I Wanna Be Your Dog The Stooges
2019 I Wanna Be Your Dog The Stooges
2020 I Wanna Be Your Dog The Stooges
2016 I Wanna Be Your Dog The Stooges
1987;2007;1996;1991 I Wanna Be Your Dog Iggy Pop
2017 I Wanna Be Your Dog The Stooges
2017 I Wanna Be Your Dog The Stooges
2016 I Want to Hold Your Hand The Beatles
1998 I Want You Back Jackson 5
2016 I Would for You Jane's Addiction
2017 I'll Be Back [Josh] Beatles
2003;2006; I'm Eighteen Alice Coopers
1988 I'm In The Mood For Love Frank Sinatra
2016 I'm On Fire [Josh] Bruce Springsteen
2017 I'm set Free The Velvet Underground
2016 I'm So Tired [Josh] The Beatles
2016 If It Be Your Will [Josh] Leonard Cohen
1990;1994;1991 If You Got Funk, You Got Style Funkadelic
2015 If You Want Me To Stay Sly and The Family Stone
1996;2007 If You Want Me To Stay Sly And The Family Stone
2004 Immigrant Song Queen
1989;1990 Inca Roads Frank Zappa
2012 Inhibition Dot Hacker
2011 Io sono quel che sono Mina
2016 Iron Man [Josh] Black Sabbath
2017 It's a Family Affair Sly and the Family Stone
2019 It's My Life Talk Talk
2017 It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday G.C. Cameron
1999 It's The End Of The World As We Know It REM
2016 Jack the Ripper [josh] Morrissey
2016 Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M'en Vais [Josh] Serge Gainsbourg
1986;1996;1990;1989;1988 Jean-Pierre Miles Davis
2017 Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry
2006;2007 Jugband Blues Pink Floyd
2019 Just Like U Said It Would B Sinead O'Connor
2019 Just What I Needed The Cars
2012 Known Unknow Them Hills
2024 kooks [John] David Bowie
2019 Lady Grinning Soul David Bowie
2003 Latest Disgrace Fugazi
2003;2002 Latest Disgrace Fugazi
2017 Let Me Roll It [Josh] Paul McCartney
2023 Little Wing live Jimi Hendrix
2017 Living Without You Randy Newman
2022 London Calling The Clash
2023 London Calling The Clash
2007;2006;2003;2001;2000;1999 London Calling The Clash
1998 Long Division Fugazi
1998; Loose Iggy Pop
2004 Lotta love Neil Young
2011 Louie, Louie Toots & The Maytals
2002;2003 Love Gun Kiss
2018 Lover, You Should've Come Over Jeff Buckley
2011 Luftballons Nena
2016 Lust for Life Iggy Pop
2011 Maggie May Rod Stewart
2005 Make My Funk P-Funk
1996 Manic Depression Jimi Hendrix
2000 Master And Servant Depeche Mode
2012 Master of Puppets Metallica
2002;2007;2004;2003 Maybe The Chantels
2018 Menina Mulher da Pele Preta Jorge Ben
2000;2007 Metro Berlins
1993;2002 My Automobile Parliament
1992 My automobile Parliament
2016 My Death [Josh] Jacques Brel / David Bowie
1989 My Michelle Guns N Roses
2023 Neighborhood Threat Iggy Pop & David Bowie
2022 Nervous Breakdown Black Flag
1986;1990;1988 Nervous Breakdown Black Flag
2016 Nervous Breakdown [Flea] Black Flag
1987 Neutron Bomb The Weirdos
1992;1991;1990 No Head No Backstage Pass Funkadelic
2020 Not Great Men Gang Of Four
1999;2005;2000 Nothin' But A G Thang Dr Dre & Snoop Dog
2017 OD'd In Denver [Josh] Hank Williams Jr
2019 Oh Lord, Why Lord Parliament
1988 On Broadway Leiber & Stoller
2003; One Day At A Time Elton John
2019 Only Happy When It Rains Garbage
2017 Opportunity To Cry [Josh] Willie Nelson
2012 Orange Claw Hammer Captain Beefheart
2019 Orange Claw Hammer Captain Beefheart
1992 Orange Claw Hammer Captain Beefheart
2017 Orange Claw Hammer [Flea solo] Captain Beefheart
2016 Orange Claw Hammer [Flea] Captain Beefheart
2007;2006 Over the Hills and Far Away Led Zeppelin
1991 Poptones PIL
2018 Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix
2019 Purple Rain Prince
2019 Push the Sky Away Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
2019 Pyramid Song Radiohead
2016 Rain The Beatles
2000; Ramble On Led Zeppelin
2013 Rape Me Nirvana
1996;2000;1999 Rapper's Delight Sugar Hill Gang
2012 Red Hot Mama Funkadelic
2022 Red Hot Mama Songwriter
1999 Red Hot Mama Funkadelic
2006;2003;2000;1999;1996;1993;1992;1991;1990;1989 Red Hot Mama Funkadelic
2005 Red Hot Mama Funkadelic
2017 Red Hot Mama Funkadelic
2019 Red Pony The Triffids
2002 Red Tape Circle Jerks
2000 Religion PIL
1999 Religion PIL
2003 Ride Into The Sun Velvet Underground
2013 Ride Into the Sun The Velvet Underground
2017 Rock And Roll Led Zeppelin
1991 Rock Bottom KISS
2002 Rock N Roll Led Zeppelin
2006 Runaway Del Shannon
2007 S.O.S Abba
1989 Sailin' On The Bad Brains
2000 Sammy Hagar Weekend Thelonious Monster
2005 School's Out Alice Cooper
2019 Search and Destroy Iggy and the Stooges
2017 Search and Destroy Iggy and The Stooges
1998;2003;2002;2001;2000;1999 Search And Destroy Iggy Pop
2017 Seasons [Josh] Chris Cornell
2007;2003 See Emily Play Pink Floyd
2005 Sex Machine James Brown
2007 Shadow Dancing Andy Gibb
2022 Shadowplay Joy Division
2004 Shame Cat Stevens
2019 She's Lost Control Joy Division
2016 She's lost control Joy Division
2004 She's the One Ramones The Ramones
1999 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker The Ramones
1999 Show of Strength Echo And The Bunnymen
2023 Show of Strength Echo & the Bunnymen
2022 Smell Like teen Spirit Nirvana
2006 Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana
2017 So What If I Did [Josh] Thelonious Monster
2007 Somewhere Over The Rainbow The Wizard of Oz
2006 Songbird Fleetwood Mac
2007 Songbird Fleetwood Mac
1995;1996 Sound And Vision David Bowie
1995 Sound Of Vision David Bowie
2017 Southern Nights [Josh] Glen Campbell
2016 Spectre [Josh] Radiohead
1996 Spiritual Josh Haden
1986;1996 Stairway To Heaven Led Zeppelin
1999 Stand REM
1989;1990 Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On Funkadelic
2016 Starman David Bowie
2012 Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder
2016 Strange Days [Josh & Chad] The Doors
2016 Strangers [Josh] The Kinks
1987;2000;1992;1991;1989;1988 Subterranean Homesick Blues Bob Dylan
1995 Suffragette City David Bowie
2004;2007;2006 Sunday Bloody Sunday U2
1995 Sunday Bloody Sunday U2
2007 Sunny Boney M
2006 Super Stupid Funkadelic
2000 Superstition Stevie Wonder
2005 Swan Song Thelonious Monster
2017 Sway [Josh] The Rolling Stones
1995;1996 Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd
1991 Sweet Jane The Velvet Underground
2017 Sweet N' Low Fugazi
2017 Sycamore Trees [Josh] Jimmy Scott
2007 Take It As It Comes The Doors
1988 Take It Easy Eagles
2017 Take My Hand Precious Lord Elvis Presley
2023 Terrapin [John] Syd Barrett
2024 Terrapin [John] Syd Barrett
2016 That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore The Smiths
2017 That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore [Josh] The Smiths
2017 That's When I Reach For My Revolver [Josh] Mission Of Burma
2017 The Ballad Of El Goodo [Josh] Big Star
2017 The Bewlay Brothers [Josh] David Bowie
2022 The Guns of Brixton The Clash
2014 The Headmaster Ritual The Smiths
2017 The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance [Josh] Sinead O'Connor
2017 The Mercy Seat [Josh] Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
1992;2006 The Needle And The Damage Done Neil Young
2019 The Needle and the Damage Done (Flea) Neil Young
2023 The Ocean Led Zeppelin
2017 The Only Living Boy In New York [Josh] Simon & Garfunkel
2022 The Rover Led Zeppelin
2013 The Unforgiven Metallica
2013 They're Red Hot Robert Johnson
2012 They're Red Hot Robert Johnson
2011 They're Red Hot Robert Johnson
2014 They're red hot Robert Johnson
1992;2006;2004;2003;2002;2001;2000;2007 They're Red Hot Robert Johnson
2023 Third Stone from the Sun Jimi Hendrix
2017 This Is A Low [Josh] Blur
2015 This is where I belong Kinks
2016 This Is Where I Belong The Kinks
2017 This Is Where I Belong The Kinks
1995;1996 Three Days Jane's Addiction
2000 Tiny Dancer Elton John
2023 Tiny Dancer Elton John
2007;2006;2004;2003;1999;1998;1990 Tiny Dancer Elton John
1996 Tomorrow Silverchair
2016 Tonight [Josh & Chad] Iggy Pop
2006 Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight Spinal Tap
2004 Transmission Joy Division
2000 Trouble Cat Stevens
2016 Try Again [Josh] Big Star
2017 Twilight (Josh) Elliott Smith
2017 Until The Ocean Malfunkshun
2016 Until Then [Josh] Broadcast
1996 Venus In Furs The Velvet Underground
2003 Waiting Room Fugazi
1996 Waiting Room Fugazi
2017 Waiting Room Fugazi
2004 Walk This Way Led Zeppelin
1997 Wannabee Spice Girls
2016 War Pigs Black Sabbath
2012 Warszawa David Bowie
2016 Warszawa [Josh & Flea] David Bowie
2019 Watching the Detectives Elvis Costello
2016 Watching The Wheels [Josh] John Lennon
2017 Waterloo Sunset [Josh] The Kinks
2014 We Care a Lot Faith No More
2011 We Don't Need No Fascist Groove Thing Heaven 17
2006 We will Rock You Queen
2013 What In The World David Bowie
2018 What Is Soul Funkadelic
2019 What Is Soul Funkadelic
2022 What Is Soul? Funkadelic
2023 What Is Soul? Funkadelic
2024 What Is Soul? Funkadelic
2016 What Is Soul? Funkadelic
2007;2006;2003;2001;2000;1999;1996;1990;1989;1988;1987;1986 What Is Soul? Funkadelic
2017 What Is Soul? Funkadelic
2004 When The Saints Go Marching in Louis Amstrong
2017 Where Everybody Knows Your Name [Josh] Gary Portnoy
2003 Whodini Freaks Come Out At Night
1989;1988;1987;1986; Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin
2019 Whole Lotta Rosie AC/DC
1985 Why Don't You Love Me Hank Williams
1984 Why Don't You Love Me? Hank Williams
2017 Wichita Lineman [Josh] Glen Campbell
2017 Wicked Game [Josh] Chris Isaak
2016 Wild World Cat Stevens
2006;2007 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow The Shirelles
2003 Working The Midnight Shift Donna Summer
2000 World Full Of Nothing Depeche Mode
2017 You're A Big Girl Now [Josh] Bob Dylan
2023 You're Gonna Get Yours Public Enemy
2000;1999;2007;2006;2001 You're Gonna Get Yours Public Enemy
2022 Your Song Elton John
2022 Your Song Elton John
1998;1990;2000 Your Song Elton John
1995 Zombie The Cranberries