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Los Angeles, CA* - U.S.A
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I\'m With You Sessions #7 #8 #9 (suite & fin) par Nicolas le 2013-07-08 15:00:00

Les 3 derniers vinyls des sessions I'm With You Sessions seront commercialisés le 23 Juillet prochain.

I'm With You Session #7

Catch My Death 4:16
How It Ends 3:38



I'm With You Session #8

This Is The Kitt 4:21
Brave From Afar 3:39



I'm With You Session #9

Hanalei 4:15
Open/Close 4:23

SIDE A:  Catch My Death
SIDE B: How It Ends

SIDE A: This Is The Kitt
SIDE B: Brave From Afar

SIDE A: Open/Close
SIDE B: Hanalei


I\'m With You Sessions #7 #8 #9 (suite & fin)

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