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Studios - Pluralone -This Is The Show

Josh Klinghoffer

- Date de sortie : 17/03/2022

- Record Label : Org Music

- Producteur : Clint Walsh

Extrait Paroles Trad. Guitare Basse Batterie


01. The Fight For The Soul
02. Offend
03. Claw Your Way Out
04. Can't Put The Bullet Back In The Gun
05. Any More Alone
06. Elongate
07. Scape
08. A War Within
09. Wait For Me
10. Life Kills

paraît le 17 mars 2022

Produced by Clint Walsh
Performed by Josh Klinghoffer & Clint Walsh
Songs by Josh Klinghoffer

Eric Avery - Bass on 3,5
Eric Gardner - Drums on 1,3,5,7
Vanessa Freebairn-Smith - Cello on 10

Mixed by Michael Craver
Fight For The Soul mixed by Andrew Scheps & Michael Craver
Offend & Can’t Put The Bullet Back In The Gun mixed by Andrew Scheps

Recorded by Michael Craver at Now Space, Eric Palmquist at Palmquist Studios, Clint Walsh at Scarboro Sound, and Kody Reiners at EastWest Studios

Additional engineering by Eric Gardner

Mastered by John Webber at AIR Studios

Managed by Sophie Spare & Mark Kates at Fenway Recordings

Design by Kate Johnston

Special thanks to Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, Kelsey Duke, Andrew Rossiter, Bob Forrest, Mark Kates, Sophie Spare, Stephi Duckula, Kate Elkan, Chris Warren, Sami Banuelos, Jenny Takamatsu, Michael Craver, Eric Palmquist, & Pearl Jam.

Pluralone -This Is The Show