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Studios - The Will To Death

John Frusciante

- Date de sortie : 22/06/2004

- Record Label : Record Collection Music

- Producteur : John Frusciante

- Référence :9362-48800-2

Extrait Paroles Trad. Guitare Basse Batterie


01. A Doubt
02. An Exercice
03. Time Runs Out
04. Loss
05. Unchanging
06. The Mirror
07. A Loop
08. Wishing
09. Far Away
10. The Days Have Turned
11. Helical
12. The Will To Death


Josh Klinghoffer - Drums, bass, Keyboards, guitar on Helical and The Will To Death
John Frusciante - Vocals, guitar, piano, synthesizer, bass on Far Away, Unchanging and The Will To Death
Produced by John Frusciante
Engineered and mixed by Ryan Hewitt
Assisted by Rafael Serrano and Jeff Moses
Recorded and mixed at Mad Dog Studios Dec 18-19, 2003
and at Larrabee East Studios Jan 8-10, 2004
All songs written was written by John Frusciante © 2004 Niandra LaDes Music/BMI
excepting Helical which was written by John Frusciante and Josh Klinghoffer © 2004 Niandra LaDes Music/BMI /&copyEarl Gray Songs/ASCAP
Mastered by Bernie Grundman, Bernie Grundman Mastering Hollywood, CA.
Cover Photograph by Lola Montes
Design by Mike Piscitelli and John Frusciante
Equipment by dave Lee
Management by Q-Prime


It's really wonderfull, but in a gentle way.There's a soothing quality. It has hard things on it, and even the soft things have a heaviness to them. The song 'Scratch' is emotionally heavy to me, even though it's not distorded guitars and bashing drums. There's another song about a couple's baby dying. There's a lot of spontaneity and recklessness and not giving a **k.

C'est vraiment un album merveilleux, mais d'une manièe douce. Il y a quelque chose d’apaisant. Il contient des choses dures, et même les choses douces ont une certaine lourdeur. 'Scratch' est chargée d’émotions pour moi, bien qu’il n’y ait pas d’effets de guitares, ni de grosse batterie. Il y a une autre chanson qui parle de la mort du bébé d'un couple. Il y a beaucoup de spontanéite, d'insouciance et de je-m’en-foutisme.

The Will To Death